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Price comparison

  • ééndaglens
    DaySoft Dailies
    2 boxes of 96 lenses
  • 89 €
  • Pharmalens
    Pharmalens One Day
    2 boxes of 96 lenses
  • 137,70 €
  • Alcon
    Dailies Total1
    2 boxes of 90 lenses
  • 180 €

Why choose Dailies day lens from ééndaglens?

The best lenses

The best daily lens in the world confirmed by millions of users.

Daysoft  UV 58% water (no silicone) online offer (excl. delivery costs):

2 boxes with 96 lenses | 89€ (3 months)


For Belgian customers we provide an invoice for the health insurance fund for reimbursement. Leave your information when ordering your lenses and we will do the rest to provide you with an invoice when ordering.

Delivery in your mailbox

Order the lenses on Monday or Thursday and receive them a week after the order is processed. The lenses are packed securely, so we can guarantee a safe delivery. We do not accept returns.


Specialized and leading contact lens center

We have 40 years of experience in developing and prescribing lenses. We are a leading, specialized contact lens center, now also with a handy webshop.

Customer testimonials

24 years already, eyes entrust to Tony and Mireille!
Sharp sharp vision during the day, lens sharp sleep at night …
Thanks for all the knowledge and wisdom and all the good care.

Hope to be with you for a long time!

After nearly a year of intense headache, I ended up with Tony and Mireille. They found out that the strength was almost twice as strong and am now completely complaintless.

Thank you very much for your good care.

Service as it should be. Absolute top in terms of knowledge and customer-friendliness. Unbelievable, everyone known by name. There is no better service!
16 years a customer and not even a second complained. Always good and clear explanation and super quality.

Thanks for everything!

I have been a customer here since my teenage years. After consulting several doctors, none were as good as Tony & Mireille and the staff. They have always welcomed me with open arms. Very good help, as it should be!
I am so satisfied here that I don’t want to go anywhere else. I feel completely at home here. You are helped very well and you always get a nice chat, not to mention the sweets you get.

Thank you so much!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that’s possible. Go to the subscription.

Yes, that’s possible. Click on “+” for larger quantities:

  • 1 = For 3 months – 2 boxes of 96 lenses – 80€ (one postal package)
  • 2 = For 6 months – 4 boxes of 96 lenses – 160€ (two postal packages)
  • 4 = For one year – 8 boxes of 96 lenses – 320€ (four postal packages)

Daily disposable lenses are worn daily. An important advantage of this is that you start with a new, clean, sterile contact lens every day. You should not clean daily disposable lenses before or after removing them, another advantage!

Daysoft Silk lenses are designed with a soft edge and are available in very low and very high strengths. The innovative Silk solution is enriched with saline, giving comfort and eye moisture a boost when wearing these lenses.

Diopter is a unit of measurement to indicate the strength of the lenses / glasses.

The owner of this website, Optometrist Dr. Tony Van Pottelbergh, has 40 years of experience in this sector, specializing in contact lenses.

Yes. Our Belgian customers receive an invoice for the health insurance fund for reimbursement.

Order the lenses on Monday or Thursday and receive them the day after processing the order. The lenses are packed securely, so we can guarantee a safe delivery. The lenses are individually packed for letterbox deliveries. Delivery cost = 3 € per postal package.

  • 2 boxes of 96 lenses = one  postal package
  • 4 boxes of 96 lenses = two postal packages
  • 8 boxes of 96 lenses  = four postal packages

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